1st Responder Rewards

1st Responder Rewards Programs

Recruit Reward Retain

The goal of our 1st Responder Rewards Program is to aid in Recruiting, Rewarding and Retaining members.  We work with you to create a custom program that fits your departments needs.

Each program is specifically designed to meet the goals of the department.  We work with the department to determine the best way to award points, items to offer and implementation of the program to it’s members.  Offering items that appeal to the new member and also the veteran member.

Our goal is to make the reward process an easy step!

1st Responder Marketing Consulting & Collateral Material

Zamp Marketing offers one on one marketing consulting.  We work with the department to set long term and short term marketing goals.  It may be to increase the number of volunteers, fundraising, creating department program information material and event management.  Most importantly helping you communicate within your department and your community.  We know that each department is different and that’s why we offer custom programs to fit your departments needs.  From event flyers, email newsletters and brochures we are in constant communication during the entire process.

Click Link For Department Site:

North Syracuse Fire Department  www.nsfdstore.com

Clay Fire Department  www.clayfirestore.com

Oswego Town Fire Department www.otvfdstore.com

Brewerton Fire Department www.brewertonfdstore.com